Be a Library Sweetheart!

It’s February, time once again to be a “Library Sweetheart.”

For over twenty five years, Friends of the Winter Haven Library has conducted an annual campaign to purchase magazine subscriptions for our Winter Haven Library. Magazines are popular with library patrons and annual subscription costs exceed five thousand dollars per year. In addition to popular magazines, money raised by the Sweetheart Drive is also used to digitize and microfilm the Winter Haven News Chief so that we can preserve Winter Haven  history for future generations.

The Sweetheart Magazine Drive also funds the Library's subscription to Zinio, a state-of-the-art online digital magazine service for Library patrons.  

As a tribute to its donors', their names are placed on magazine and newspaper shelf labels.  

Last year, thanks to your generosity, we reached our goal. This year, we want to exceed our goal - allowing for more digital titles, more historic preservation and more resources for our community. 

Friends and library patrons appreciate your generosity and sincerely thank you.


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